A huge variety of video archives 

A video archive that many photographers collected are world heritage both in Japan and around the world, beautiful landscapes such as mountains, rivers and oceans, shrines and temples, festivals, castles, animals of savanna, wild birds, small animals, insects, flowers etc. Collection consists of large variety of video footage.





Video footage service

We provide video footage of scenic spots and cultural properties in Japan and around the world with high resolution digital data. It enables users to avoid various future legal risks as our collections are “video footage with strictly controlled copyright” which is necessary for video production companies and other web production / website production company etc.








Video works service

We provide high-resolution digital data with HD, USB, etc. with strictly controlled copyrighted video works. We provide “right to use” to our clients including social welfare corporation, medical corporation, school corporation and other type of organizations. Our clients can use the video work at several business locations and offices.

In addition, it is possible to produce video works of your request.

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